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Unlimited Membership

Change Plan

Switch your Glide Xpress Car Wash plan to either the Stingray or Guppy Plans.

Cancel Membership

You may cancel your Glide Xpress Car Wash membership online or at any Glide location.

Cancellations/Plan Change

For immediate cancellation requests please visit your local Glide Xpress Car Wash location. Online requests may take up to 72 hours to process. 

You may also switch plans (upgrade/downgrade) on at any Glide Xpress location.

Add A Vehicle To Your Plan

Add up to 4 additional vehicles to your unlimited plan for only $20.00 per vehicle. 

Please visit any Glide Xpress Car Wash location to add a vehicle to your plan.

Glide Xpress Car Wash

Save money with one of our unlimited car wash plans. Choose between our best wash plan The Stingray, or our basic wash plan The Guppy. 

Join Glide Xpress Unlimited Car Wash Memberships Today!

Ready to elevate your car washing experience to new heights? Join Glide Xpress Wash’s Unlimited Car Wash Memberships and never worry about a dirty vehicle again. With our convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly approach, you can maintain a pristine ride effortlessly.

Visit our website or stop by our location to learn more about our membership options and to sign up today at any Glide Xpress Car Wash. Experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes with unlimited car washes – because your vehicle deserves it

We will be updating our car wash membership management by the end of 2023. In the meantime please fill out the form above to send us an inquiry about your membership. You can also manage your membership by visiting any Glide Xpress Car Wash. 


How to Change License Plate Number:

In the form above select “Update License Plate” from the dropdown menu.  Add any applicable information to ensure we can identify your account. In the comments please add your new license plate information using the State abbreviation and number/letters (Example: TN-555ABC) 

Update Billing Information:

Please visit any Glide Xpress Car Wash location to have your billing information updated.